7:20am, Pretoria Central, Tuesday morning

These are the photos i took this morning before i went to school. I absolutely adore living 'in town' and i want to take a million photographs about my stay there. I may not be live there anymore come next month (insert sad face). But i am there now and these are the first 10 photos of 1 000 000...
The taxis always arrive first

i love the morning breeze
 I'm not used to living in a flat and it is really warm in comparison to a house, i'm on the 8th floor and there is a lot of warmth beneath me... the first thing i do when i wake up is open the windows. My roomie, Pam, thinks i'm nutty. I can handle that.

Ginger tea and the city, morning routine
Addiction at the moment: lots and lots of ginger tea.

The view from my window

The sun is rising.

Roomie. Yeah. I know. She's in there

She is there! She buries herself in her blankets every night. i think she thinks it's winter. Her hair looks pretty interesting when she emerges though! :D

I love my bike!
 The best thing in my life at the moment. Nothing makes me happier than cycling to varsity (maybe 'cos it's downhill). I feel like a hippie and it just makes me so very happy. Everyone should ride bikes.
Morning traffic. If only

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