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Town continued:

This is my shadow. Say Hi.

Pretty leaves with pretty colours

Who doesn't like to look at themselves?

 Someone lost their trolley.
Friendly men who wanted their photos taken. They sell stuff
 They asked me to come back with prints for them. :P

Icecream man!

 Shooting fom the "hip". There is this photographer who took a whole lot of pictures from the hip level.
In my case, shooting from the belly. haha. my camera strap isn't long enough....
Meet Sabelo. He is posing with the crates
 Sabelo is a boy from varsity, we are studying the same thing, Interior design. i was at church sqaure when i ran into him. We spent time in town taking photographs and buying leggings and then we went to my flat and ate a loaf and 3/4 of bread... we like bread
He was running among the pigeons for me but the pigeons were not being co-operative. 
 I was trying to create the typical 'person running through the pigeons' shot but the pigeons weren't having it.
Pigeon with legs. Legs with pigeon. Sabelo/Pigeon man thing.

Red building!
 June the 16th. Youth day. Lots of energy
Street restaurant

 love how the colours and light progresses in this shot

Getting money for sgodi


Talking about leggings

Lovely facade. i want to live there

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