A Birthday Party

Today is my sister's birthday, she is 22...
and she decided to throw a birthday party, but not just any old party, an English tea party!

That was this weekend.
It was great! 

Olivia's 22nd Birthday Party

The evening before the party the five girls, my mother included, baked and baked and baked...

The tea table, Homemade strawberry jam and scones, Sarmies, Gingerbread car biscuits.... 
We made sarmies, scones, crumpets with cream, mini milk tarts and mini meringues, little quiches, sausage rolls, biscuits and raisin cake...

The birthday cake was the surprise element...

The rainbow cake and pweddy decorations
i made it...
after forgetting to put baking powder in the first yellow and orange layer and the whole cake slowly getting more and more lopsided and having to rectify that, finally, it was done :)

Nathan and Heather had to hold the ladder still and even then Olivia was afraid to climb up it

Olivia braved the step ladder in the morning to pin up the fabric 'shade netting'. Well done Layla!

There were five little girls at the party and they all got along so lovely, seems so simple being young.
I really like the photo where they seem to be frozen in midair as they are jumping on the trampoline and each little girl has such unique expressions on their faces.

The young ones

oh, and there was also a little baby boy at the party, Bryce, he put his head in the cream and scones and amused us all immensely.

Not everyone dressed in 'old english' clothing, which is ok. Hannah made her dress, it's cute, it has buttons down the back.. she made it out of voile so it was all floaty. After spending quite a while brain storming about what he should wear, Nathan ended up wearing ordinary clothes anyways. silly boy :P 

Medium sized children

The rest of us.

In the morning we had lugged all the lounge furniture and upright chairs outside and arranged them on the veranda and front lawn, along with little side tables. We all ended up sitting on the lawn in the end, under the shade of the tree. We brought out blankets and sat on them as well. In the plans there were games to be played, uno, croquet and cricket... what happened was lunch, chat, swings, trampoline, swing, chat, chat...which was great too :)

All in all it was a lovely day
Let's all have great birthdays like this!

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