Reasons to keep growing my hair

I keep having to remind myself why i want to grow my hair. 
Cos i like my hair short, i like it short a lot.
its so easy to maintain, easy to wash
it takes 2 minutes to do my hair in the morning.
I only have to comb it every three days.
it looks good.
its different
i can wear ribbons in it
if i don't like it i can just wear a hat and its all covered..
the earrings i wear are in plain sight cos they are not covered by hair
so many good reasons!

i have to keep reminding myself WHY i want to grow my hair, because it is very tempting to cut it short again...

Reason 1: i can have wild and unruly hairdos

 Reason 2: I can have upstyles once again

Reason 3: Or just leave it down and long and still a bit wild

This image is wishful thinking :P

 Reason 4: So i can look like a hippy.
So my hair can look a little boho, a little indie, and yes, a little hippy
all arty

 Reason 5: So i can tie my hair in messy buns.
cos i like them buns

Now just to decide if this is reason enough to spend the next 2 years or so growing my hair.
my hair grows really slow

I decided i will give my hair until December and depending on what it looks like then decide whether to chop it all off again or carry on..

Dear hair, you have 4 months! impress me.


  1. This is great, I'm so starting to grow my hair right now! the last one looks good =P

  2. that's cos she has red hair. ;)

    i'm glad i convinced you at least :P