It's always strange doing self portraits
not only do i have to make sure the focus is right
i have to get posed while the camera beeps down the time i have left to smile at the camera
but also im not used to being the one getting photographed

maybe that's why i look grumpy sometimes

 or why i look like (this face), i can't think of what this expression is called right now
slightly amused?
Whatever :P was fun! 

 Donald said. "Oooh la la, Austen!" when he saw this picture.
haha, funny boy.

i realised, afterwards, that the clothing that i am wearing is either second hand or homemade
pretty cool huh?

I got the belt and shoes at a shop called 'Snuffles', in Pretoria.
I like that shop. There are nice bags there.
and the skirt i got in second hand shop in town.
and the shirt i made
and the watch
and the necklace.

its been really hot lately
really hot!
on Wednesday i put on and removed 4 -5 different outfits just because each outfit was still too warm!
eventually i dug out a dress that was perfect and helped me survive the heat.
it is raining right now! 
smells lovely, so lovely and its going to be so good sleeping tonight! 
yay! yay for rain!

in other news, 
i am rather pleased about the amount of weight i lost
even though it has taken longer than i want
its hard work getting into shape

My H.O.D made me feel much better today, about my thesis.
We spoke about my thesis and my plans for next year.
She told us (Donald and Joobs) stories about her first job.
She told us that she earned R250 a month and rent cost her R18 a month with a water and electricity bill that would cost her R4.50. how life has changed!

I made cake with the exchange student from the Netherlands, Bram. 
He is nice. i like Dutch boys
He insisted on making the cake pink... strange
We put chocolate chips in and broken up chocolate 
and almonds
and we put chocolate mint sauce in the middle (it was layer cake)
yeah. it did look weird.
didn't taste too bad though.
i will get the photos from Bram and post them...

i'm planning my birthday party
and that's all the news i have for now

i have not blogged for a while, i still need to take photos of the dress i made. the brown one.

that was me this morning :)