Alien Cake

Remember i spoke about the Dutch boy, Bram, and the pink cake we made?
Well i got the photos from him....

Hey! Don't look at me, it was all Bram's idea...
For all its weirdness, it was well liked at varsity and the next day a girl asked me if i had any more left. haha!

Then a week later Bram came over again and this time we cake!
And this time he took photos of the process....

So while i was making alien cake, Bram was busy looking over some of my varsity work. 

With the excess dough we made some cupcakes, with pink heart sprinkles.

Cut the cake in half. Excuse my face, i didn't know Bram had included it in the shot. I thought he was just taking a picture of the cake. haha
anyways, green!

 then, cos i was calling the shots, i put fig jam in between the two layers and sieved icing sugar on top.
but there is no finished cake picture.. sorry!

And this is the end of the story and i still don't like funny coloured food. I am very glad that there are always hungry boys at varsity that don't mind eating weird cake ;)

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