It's too late now

Last week Friday was my final presentation of my dissertation/thesis for the year
I came in in the morning, was nervous to begin with, got a grip and continued right along (and did it sweetly, this part is important).

My parents came along too. I think they wanted to see what their daughter had been up to this whole year. Late nights at varsity and weekend pit stops. 
They didn't see much of me or my project.
As my Dad gets older he gets more emotional, (it is quite funny and strange at the same time) and he was rather proud of my presentation and the way i presented it. :-) 

So after a long year of working on my thesis, disappointments and challenges, good times and break-throughs, procrastination and all nighters at varisty with Donald, it was all over in 45 mins.

and now its too late 
too late for new ideas, too late for work to be done, too late. 
D-day has come and gone.

on Thursday we go into varsity for a meeting and we will find out then what our sentences, i mean, results are. All we can do is wait and see, no more worrying about it, thesis isn't on my mind constantly anymore...
which is a good thing, i can now think a lot more about bicycles and stick blenders(a new popular thought now on my mind) 

On Friday evening we had a cocktail evening/exhibition for our dissertation, us, our parents and whoever else we wanted to bring along to see our work. (i invited my friend, Geni, and my sister, Olivia) 
Olivia is cool, she helped me carry all my stuff back to the car... and Geni watched my camera and my bag while i hopped about between friends, friends' parents and lecturers and other interesting people.
Geni and Olivia were bored, i was not :-P

Part of the presentation was the giving of 'gifts' to the panel of judges. I wanted my gifts to be a continuation of my idea and concept behind my dissertation. 
So i made 'surprise' books!

They are just normal looking books

You can leave them on your coffee table

Or in your bookshelf

You're bored... so you pick up the book and flip through it....
(Most people like to touch and fiddle anyways)
or maybe you are curious

and then.....ta da!

This is not a story about Robin Hood at all! 
it is a piece of art. 

It wasn't anything like you expected it to be inside 

 Completely unexpected 

The pages have been glue together to form a '2-page' book
so when the book is opened it is opened to the art.
the whole thing is art really.

This one happens to be my favourite one

Which one do you like? 

i really enjoyed making these up until it was the night before presentation and i still had two more drawings to complete.... but it all gone done and they went down well with the panel :)

just goes to show that you can never judge a book by its cover.
in this case, literally.


  1. That is the most creative thing I have ever seen! Enjoy your holidays :-)

  2. Thank you! I was rather pleased with them as well.

    thank you, you too, i look forward to seeing all your holiday photos that will soon be posted...

  3. these are beautiful! You should make them and sell them! Oh they're just beautiful! Market on Main? You would make so many people happy with two-page, unjudged, artsy books! Yes!

    1. Thank you :)
      maybe i should make a few this holiday...