Turning 24 requires a giant cake

It was my birthday, on Wednesday last week.
I am now 24.

The Sunday before that we had a little party to celebrate my birthday. Just like my sister's birthday we had the party at home. We made a whole lot of salads and homemade bread, always bread, cos i love bread of course and its my birthday so i can eat all the bread i want... There was rosemary buns, cornbread, oat bread, cheese and onion bread and soda bread. yum!

Olivia made a giant cake, it was giant i promise! check the photos and you will see..
it was pretty amazing. I said to her that im sure she was just trying to outdo the rainbow cake i made her for her birthday in August. She denies all!

It was really nice having all my friends from all over there, Pretoria, university, Cape Town, my old college, church, family etc etc. i even had some gatecrashers!

I got some lovely gifts, the top ones being a stick blender (Thank you Carrie) :D and a picture of a bicycle (Thank you Rickus)..... Somehow they knew about my fixation with bicycles and my new current fixation with stick blenders (which is now satisfied).

anyways, that was my birthday celebration, it was good fun and im really glad i organised it and glad that everyone enjoyed themselves :)

Here are some pictures that were taken (Thanks to Geni, for lending her camera and heather and Hannah for taking the photos.)

Cutting the cake up 

University Friends

My Dad and other cool old people 

The yummy food 
My family is great, i was in Pretoria the Saturday before my party doing a photography job, so all i made was bread, they made everything else! I came home on Saturday evening and all this was mostly prepared :)

The one in the middle is Rickus, he made me a cool bike drawing 

Geni's face says it all

Lemon Meringue
Milk tart
Marshmallow pudding
Apple pie
Jelly and yogurt pudding
two kinds of cremora tart
banoffee pie
and chocolate instant pudding with a bike on top 

AND Paul was here!
All in all it was a great day! :)


  1. Love the giant cake, and love the phrase "my dad and other cool old people" :)

  2. The cake was amazing, I am very impressed with Olivia :)

  3. What a cake! Can you share your sister?? I want a cake like that too...

  4. Well, like i was telling someone else... you are more than welcome to fly her over to make you giant cakes ;) she rocks! :)