Lessons in life

Ok. I know. Its been a while.

I got new sunnys.
Sunnys. You know, sunglasses.

Why are they called sunnys anyways? Its not like they make more sun. Or light up the room/sky/world.
They actually make LESS sun! They're less-suns. Lessons!
I'm going to wear my new less-suns today...

Less-sun 1: "I will always regret eating that food that I know I shouldn't eat or that is bad for me." Always.
So I should just not!
I often regret a lot of things I eat.
I can live without oodles of bread!
I think...
Ok, I don't always regret bread...

Less-sun 2:"Break 'traditions'."
For Christmas lunch last year, my sister, Olivia and I drew up a completely different Christmas menu with 3 kinds of homemade pasta, homemade right up to the pasta itself, homemade breads on the side and skewered veges as a starter.
It was good and good to do something different.
Then we all found various comfy places around the house/garden and napped/chatted/ate pudding. Which is a traditional Christmas practise around the Gordon home.
Hannah also made some cordials, ginger and a lemon and orange cordial. Which I drank out of a rosy tea cup and matching saucer. Excellent.

Less-sun 3: "Don't walk around Joburg central naked."
People will stare.
Or label you a nut case.
We labelled that naked man a nut case. Gave him benefit of the doubt.
Mind you, he did dance across the pedestrian crossing with his blanket cape flapping after him in the wind.

Less-sun 4: "A dropped chocolate mousse can be saved. Somewhat". The new years eve mousse got dropped. With a few tricks and a steady hand, what could be saved was saved. And what couldn't was quietly mourned over by the cooks.
But what's a bit of chocolate between friends?

Less-sun 5: "Use spell check when typing up your CV."
Just in case.
Especially before you send it to many, many people and you've written 'Notional' instead of 'National'.
Oi vey.

Less-sun 6: "Sometimes you have to be your own knight in shining armour."
Like last night.
Driving along the road in Pretoria and I notice that the temperature gauge is soaring. Spending some time eyeing out the long grass on my left and the trucks going past at lighting speed on my right whilst I waited for the car to cool.
(Those trucks made my car roll a little as they came flying by. Dude).
Car is cool, open the bonnet, slowly open the radiator cap, (this can sometimes be a lot less successful than you'd might think), pour in the life saving 750ml of water that happened to be rolling around the passenger side of the car for 3 weeks, cap, bonnet, nearest garage!
I saved me! As well as the car from over heating! *applause*
Did I mention that it was raining?

Less-sun 7: "You can wear the same pair of jeans and not comb your hair for 3 days and still look presentable."
Trust me. I tried it.
This past Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday and no-one crossed over the street to avoid me.
For those days when getting out of bed seems insurmountable.
Or if you've only packed one pair of jeans and no shampoo and you're away from home for 3 days. That was me
I did bath, just in case you were wondering.

Less-sun 8: "It's easy to sew/draw/make/bake something wonderfully amazing when you have homework/varsity work to do."
True story that.
Do you want to see the shirts I made last week? They're perfect. ;)

Ok, I'm going to stop now, else my blog post will be too long and no-one will read it for fear of boredom and starvation.

On that note I'll end with my less-suns. Which are actually sunnys as well.
Less-suns 1 - 8, Dec 25 - present time. That's a lot in a short time. Life can teach you much if you pay attention.

Does anyone know how to say/write 'You rock' in Afrikaans?


  1. You are so funny Austen. I love your random musings and lessuns learned :)

  2. That's a really cool post! I enjoyed reading it Austen:-)