With relish!

I burnt myself with relish today.

That's a funny sentence.
I promise I'm not a masochist.
What actually happened was the relish I was making splashed on my finger and it was HOT! But since the relish has a fair amount of chilli in it, I guess it was only doing its job.

Why was I making relish anyway?

- make jams, preserves, chutneys and relish...

Yup, that is a bullet. It would be a neat little square box that I could tick off, but I don't know how to make those little boxes with Microsoft Word.

Bullets mean lists and since its a new year, lists mean New Year's resolutions.
I planned to only make one New Year's resolution this year:

"I will not get fat, again, this winter."

That remained my only New Year's resolution until I spent 10 hours sitting in the office at university,




and now my list 3 pages long.

Clearly I have a lot of things in my life to improve. But its not just about being a better person. This isn't only just another 'new years resolution' list. Its also a list of 'other things I want to do'. Goals (if you want to call them that), ideas, things that interest me, things I want to do more of, learn more of, skills I want to acquire, things I want to make and activities I want to participate in.
Personal achievements.

Oh, I have the usual things on my list:

- see a birth of a baby
- save up and buy a house or car or. country
- knit baby vests for babies that don't get any pocket money
- cycle somewhere far
- eat less bread
- write
- learn better grammar
- buy a teapot
- sit up straight
- email Albi and give him 'what for'
- learn a new language
- drink more water
- make crème brûlée
- be a better friend
- go for dancing lessons
- listen to my body
- talk s-l-o-w-e-r and more clearly
- get involved with my hobbies again
- be more healthy
- be a nicer person
- see the beach before I die....
- etc
- etc
- etc

I won't bore you with the entirety of my list 'cos that would be, well, boring and there are 54 items on the list so far.

Welcome, 2012

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