The Gordon curse

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Subject: The Gordon curse
Sent: 22 Mar 2012 2:38 PM

We, the Gordon family, have a curse... I'm sure of it!
Its taken us many years to come to this realisation but I'm pretty sure we are right about it.
Its not one of those obvious curses like turning into an ogre at night, hopping about the pond waiting for a princess to pass by, sleeping for a hundred years (although I'm quite sure Olivia has that curse) or waiting for true love's kiss.

No, those curses are simple to overcome. Just need a simple kiss.

We have the curse of the car! Name a possible car problem and we're bound to have experienced it, except a few...the turbo speed cutting out, converting into a giant robot jamming, no flame left in the flame thrower, and the invisibility booster failing whilst on a top secret stealth mission. Somehow we don't seem to get problems with those features.
I have lost count of the countless times I have sat on the side of the road waiting for my Dad to come tow me home after the car overheated/cam belt snapped/tyres burst/cv joint disjointed/clutch cable jammed... Etc etc. (These are all true stories) and that's just a taste of my run-in with cars over the past few years since I got my license.

Our car problems just keep coming and coming. I remember as a child my Dad getting on his work overalls to go work on the little renault 5s we used to own in the days we could still actually fit in them. I also remember my mom threatening to set a match to them after being stuck in the rain for the umpteenth time.

Today added another highway pit stop to my list, but today was a little different, I was rescued by 3 very nice and awfully resourceful young men. So please think twice next time you complain about road works, turns out that some of the road workers are very good at rescuing Austens! There can never be enough of those kind souls in my opinion.
What happened was the wiring for the fan on my temperamental car had come loose or faulted. With a piece of wire I found in the car, some experimenting and no tools besides his teeth (which he used to strip the wire) this man hooked up the fan to the battery and got it going again. I think he is cool. What do you think?

I think he was also quite amused by my worrying that he would electrocute himself. But there were sparks!

I was glad I had baked some biscuits that morning and could thank them as best I could. 

Also, I'm even more resolved to stick to my bicycle as my main source of transport.
Let's all be neighbours so I don't have to drive!

Do you think this curse is heredity or could I get rid of it by marriage to a frog, I mean, prince and get rid of it by the change of surname? Because then maybe it is as easy as a kiss...


  1. Hahaha... how do you know which is the right frog though? You might end up kissing alot =D
    I concur! and lets move somewhere flat so we can ALL cycle... like lephalale... lephalale is super flat... just saying...

    1. well, one lands up kissing a whole lot of frogs anyways in the search for 'the one'. :P haha

      NO to lephalale!