Momentary reunion with a camera

For a short while i was able to take some photos again, as i was editing them i realised that i have been 6 months without a camera.

Nearly sinful, that is.

I have discovered that window lighting is really delightful and subjected my available siblings, Geni, and my mother to sit for some impromtu portrait shots.

Austen, courtesy of Geni



 My mother doesnt seem to make a good sitter, she just kept on laughing!



This same portrait-taking-Saturday, Geni asked us to volunteer to be zombies for a movie trailer she has to make for university.
 Its not so much fun being a zombie.
The fake blood tastes yuck. 

We were out on the street filming when a man came riding by one his bicycle, he stopped to stare and Geni asked him if he minded terribly being part of her zombie movie.

i got to chase a man on a bicycle, zombie style! The things that happen at the Gordon's home...

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