Last week Friday at around 10pm I found myself in Pretoria on the side of the road, in EXACTLY the same spot (give or take a few metres) as the last time, see the post entitled 'Less-suns', helping myself out with a car issue.


Just gotta wonder why?

On a happier note.
I found somewhere I can buy an electric bicycle! Driving home from church last week, we see a man driving/cycling a little white electric bicycle... I got quite excited.

'MOM! Stop the car! I have to ask him where he bought it!'

Turns out he bought it 'down the road' from our house, and for a reasonable price. I'm thinking... Especially as the price of petrol is so wonderful these days, that I'm going to buy one and use it to get to work and back.
I work 15kms away from home. So it'll work out lovely. (I'm wanting to save as much money as I possibly can so that I can buy a car as soon as possible.)

I wonder how fast it goes....

Other news:
After a brief stint working at an architectural firm (not a designer), I'm now working for an exhibition design company as a designer and am quite happy there. In retrospect, I can see how much happier I am. Such a big difference work can make in one's life..and work ending at 2:30 on Fridays is really great! The company is relaxed and accepting and wouldn't care if I came to work in my pyjamas.

I like it.
And its a great place to start.

And in case I had any doubts about whether or not working as a designer would make me happy.

It makes me happy.
With a smiley face.
Its nice to not dread arriving at work and not to count down hours. Its only 12pm. 1pm, 2pm...when will it be 5 o'clock!? Nope. I get to work, I work and before I know it, its 4:30 and time to go home.

And I get to design.
It's a good thing.

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