The hardest thing at the moment for me is getting up early enough to do the things i want to do in the morning, i.e exercise, shower, get lunch together, singing practise... or, for that matter getting up early enough to get to work in time! 

these days i just do the basics, shower and get lunch. 
two very important things, i am sure you will agree. 
BUT i want to do all those other things... it would be nice to have 10mins in the morning to maybe read a bit of my books, or play piano, or stare vacantly out the window... 
its just so hard for me to get up early.
i actually marvel at how i used to go to bed at 12am and get up at 5am week in and week out of my university years! The things i was capable of! 

Ha! The snooze button and i should have never met.

Today, however, i managed to take some photographs. i stopped on the side of the road on my way to work and snapped some flowering trees. Nice smelling photography trees!

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