A pie party!

These are the invitations i made for my party, complete with a hand drawn pie

Actually, there is a 'hidden message' in that pie drawing. See if you can spot it. 
i will give you a clue if you need one
(it has got to do with my age)

this is how parties work:
1- make guest lists, rough outline of catering, seating etc
2 - make invites and send them out...days pass
3 - wait for rsvp's..more days pass
4 - weeks roll by
5 - remind those who haven't rsvp'ed (whether it be a yes or a no) that you are waiting
6 - heyitsaweektomyparty! geteverythingdonein4days! 

On the Saturday before the party i made 12 pies.. and shot a wedding! 

Austen's 25th party = Pies, buntings, mugs and teacups hanging from the tree with tags attached to the handles with the guests names on them, birthday cake, more pies, picnic blankets, photographs and singing. Not birthday song singing, Jessica sang 'Think of me' from The Phantom of the Opera. she was quite lovely. 

This little boy, Bryce, really loved this cat and would pick the cat up in a variety of creative manner. Slung over his shoulder.... tucked under his arm....

The hanging cups idea was my mothers idea, i have such a clever mother. it was fun to see everyone searching for their named cup and the few of us that knocked our heads on the cups.

The end.

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