Awfully pleased to announce...

...that i got to do a guest post on this blog right here: here, i copied and pasted it for you, but here ...

...that i got to do a guest post on this blog right here:
here, i copied and pasted it for you, but here is the link to my article on the site, its a pretty neat concept.

November 27, 2012: Austen Gordon

Driving to work this morning, it’s always too early. I'm a little late and the truck ahead of me is very large and very slow. But that's the way it works. All truck drivers wake up the same time as I do when I'm late. Why don't I know this by now?

I had a fairly quiet day at work today. Logged onto Facebook; scroll, scroll, click, click, 'like', update status, comment. Listened to music that was given to me for my birthday, edited wedding photos, ate too much bread, and stared temptation down and said “NO!” to the ice-cream offered. I forgot about the potato that I was cooking in the microwave. It was rather tough. Rather! Goodness!
Fancy! Some words in the English language really fascinate me. Calliper. I love that word! Cally-per. Ca-li-per. There’s something just so captivating about that word. It’s a curious word. I could easily see that word in the works of Dr. Suess or “Alice in Wonderland.” It’s a word, when said out loud, that makes you wonder if it’s a real word.
Say it.
You see?
There are also turns of expressions that are fantastic to use, “Rather!” being one of them. “Would you like to have dinner...?,” he asks. “Rather!”
My Dad likes to use the word tremendous. Terrific. I remember when I was around 18, a boy from church, said: "Tremendous, that's what your Dad always says, Austen." And he laughed. No, not my Dad, the boy from church.
The book I'm currently reading, which is about poetry, talks about the writing of essays. He, the book writer, says that with essays you start off with a thought in the beginning and you sort of wander down the page in search of an end. I'm doing that right now. Not only here, in this piece of writing, but also in my life.
I have a thought: I want to be happy, love and enjoy my life in every way and not waste it. And now I'm sort of wandering through the days in search of the ending. The trick, they say, is to enjoy beautiful things like the word calliper on your way.

About the author: Austen is a 20-something green-eyed girl, taking a bash at life. Designer, photographer and pretend writer. Will eat bread for money. Oh yes

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