Here, look at some pictures

These are from when i was in Cape Town.

Cape Town, how i love it there.

i got to ride on the train, all by myself, buying 1 rand chips from the train hopping vendors. Making friends with a coloured lady, rewarding her with some homemade biscuits in exchange for an update at each station.
This is Plumstead station, this is Muizenberg station, this is the station you need to get off at!

Here, have a biscuit, lady.

i hiked Lion’s head, Echo valley and crawled into bat inhabited caves. There was a chimney in that cave, a small crack of light, best seen when you turned your own little flashlight off.

New friends, dancing, great food, fantastic food, some complicated arrangements and one bicycle ride later, i was on a bus with feathers in my hair.

These pictures are from Port Elizabeth.

Great weather greeted me here, i wore short sleeved t-shirts and Geni and i spent evenings sitting on her mother’s balcony, watching the sun set, and i was fooled into thinking that Port Elizabeth has great winters.

That is not the case.

3 days into Port Elizabeth and the wind began to blow. One hears that Port Elizabeth is ‘the windy city’, but really you don’t know anything until you live here. Yes, maybe you came on holiday here and you were blown about for a week, but it’s not the same as being blown about for a month...

My hair is quite wild these days, what with adopting Sarah’s technique for managing madly curly hair, and the equally madly windy wind, my hair is something else. That i have not brushed my hair for a long time, may also add to the wildness factor. But just a little bit.

i have two jobs.
i know.
It seems nearly unbelievable that the girl who struggled to get work after graduation has secured herself two jobs, and both in a few days of each other! i did get that job that was waiting for me in Port Elizabeth (turns out that i am not going to Cape Town sooner than i planned) and i got an interior design job.

You know, i have always wanted to know what it is like working two jobs.
i seem to be working a lot these days, which is very much contrary to my plans of days free for reading, going to the beach, cycling and doing art.

i don’t like working my butt off, i like my butt.

And i liked my plans.

i shall rectify this problem soon.

i finally made it to the beach on a day that wasn’t unbelievably blustery after 3 weeks of living in Port Elizabeth. It was fantastic.

A strange(r) boy requested a high five as he came skateboarding down the path.

He made me smile.

I think he thought me a traveler. I certainly looked the part


  1. Hey Miss Austen, I always love your writing. Sounds like you are having a great adventure. I especially love the stranger boy story.

    1. Thanks Ruby :)
      I was trying out a different writing 'voice' in this post... glad to know you approve :)
      Haha, yeah the stranger boy was rather random!

  2. I also like the stranger boy story....which means you just have to edit your post to include our other name, The Friendly city.

    I love that you are not out the post. I expected more photos...any chance? ;-)

    1. Well, i consider South Africans to be friendly in general, though Port Elizabeth and Cape Town seem to have a 'different style' of friendliness to Joburg people...

      I have not really taken many photos since i have been here... its a bit shocking i know! but when i have more photos to put up, i will. These photos are actually just ones i took with my camera phone. As you would have seen on instagram :p