and once again the bad blogger award goes to Miss Austen.
She left her home and country 46 days ago and has not said a thing about it! 
bad, bad girl.
Prepare yourself for a giant photo dump!
and lots of blah blah blah-ing about what my days consisted of.
Brace yourself...
(p.s most of these photos are from my phone so the quality is not so great - don't judge me)

27 March - 31 March

Thursday 27 March 2014

Some of the family wishing me farewell, good riddance and etc
Here we are at the airport...My family have never been ones for long drawn out goodbyes. They waited while i checked my bags in, hugged me goodbye, took some photos, cried a little (the more sentimental ones), and left. It is easier that way i do believe.

Soon i am near my boarding gates waiting for departure. Really, i am still trying to grasp the fact that i am indeed about to board a plane and when i get off it i won't be in Port Elizabeth or Cape Town, no, I WILL BE IN THAILAND! that's a whole new country.

Finally the plane is ready for us, about 1 hour later than planned and we board. In my excitement while checking in i forgot to see if i could get a window seat.

i do not have a window seat.
i have the seat the furthest away from either window.

Yeah, that's right, slap bang in the middle seat in the middle aisle of the plane.
Silly me.

This a picture if the tail of the plane.
i took it when we landed in Doha

Friday 28 March 2014

A few hours later, maybe 8 hours, i do not recall, we land in Doha. There is a 2 hour layover, reduced to about 1 hour as the plane leaving JHB was late. 
i have no idea where i should be going so i follow the mass of people who seem to.
i make it through! 

On the other side i find a laptop station and email home: I AM NOT DEAD. i am in Doha.

The next stretch of the journey is a 6hr flight to Bangkok. Which turned into 9hrs.
That was less fun. 
The reason for the delay was a man with medical issues. In the end we had to do an emergency landing in Yangon,Myanmar. We sat on the tarmac for 3 hours until they removed said medically challenged man. We were a 45min flight away. So close! 

When i got off the plane at 9pm a wave of heat hit me and it still hasn't passed...

Got my bags, got my stamp, onto the other side! 
Officially in Thailand!

Hey look, a bed! 
Happy sigh

My room at the Bangkok hotel we stayed in.
These beds magically made themselves...

Saturday 29 March 2014

When I eventually woke up on Saturday morning, having missed breakfast, i wandered down to the lobby and met with the two girls i met last night on the ride to the hotel. Another girl from our group joined us and we went for a walk. We just walked in one direction, stopping only to fill our bellies with fruit smoothies and ogle at the weird food things that were available for purchase from the street carts.

The afternoon consisted of a trip to the mall via the Sky Train, lunch, sighing over pretty, pretty dresses, losing one of our girls to the vortex of phone/electronic/gadgets section of the mall, looking at peanut butter and other unrelated oddities in the food section, meeting the doll version of me and a train ride and a short walk back to hotel. Then there was a meeting with the pool and the bed :) 

awww, look! Little Austen.
i am planning a return trip to Bangkok to buy that little copy cat.

Sunday 30 March 2014

This time i woke up in time for breakfast!
It was strange. 
Here is a short list of some of the weird things that a Thai person might eat for breakfast:

- Salad (with mayo)
- fried rice
- noodles
- rice soup thing (called Joke - the k is silent)

Also, although they did serve cornflakes and milk, the Thais like to fill up their small bowls with milk and then float 2 -3 spoons of cornflakes on top of the milk....
What a strange, strange country! 

Then we hopped onto the sky train and visited a weekend market. 
it. was. madness.
You can buy anything there.
Life size statues, fried insects, unfried and very much alive and squirming worms, little monkeys, turtles and tortoises... that is just a few of what was for purchase there. 

oooh, Thailand traffic is awful... Do you want to buy a tortoise - cos you can!
Giant horse and man statue and begging

i did find 3 second hand clothing stores though and got 2 dresses and 1 skirt for the grand costs of 300B (R100 or +- 10 dollars) 
Ya'll know how i love my bargains 
and my vintage clothing :D 

Later on that day the Xploreasia people came along to welcome us, hand out our books and schedules and etc.
For those who don't know, i went through Xploreasia as my agent and etc for this whole Thailand teaching thingy. :) 

Monday 31 March 2014

On this day i got up early with my bags packed. 
Ate breakfast
Climbed into my assigned van and got carted off to the city called Hua-Hin.
It's about 2 hours drive from Bangkok
Needless to say i zzzzz'd all the way there. 

We arrived at our accommodation for the month, dropped our bags, went to the mall, returned from the mall, unpacked and then slept (most likely)
i don't really remember :P

To be continued....