Wan Wai Kru

Wan Wai Kru

Or teacher appreciation day.

Every single student in the school brings a offering of thanks and appreciation for the teachers in their school in the form of bouquets of flowers, some with the extra features such as candles and/or incense sticks.

The day starts as every day at school starts. The flag is raised while the entire school sings the national anthem, badly. On an ordinary day, after assembly there is half an hour before class begins where the students are free to get ready for their classes, quickly do their homework (or copy their friend's homework), talk to their teachers about any problems they are having with the work or just run riot. They choose to riot. 

But on this day of appreciation the students sit in the quad after assembly is over and wait until it is 'time'. 

As they wait their bouquets wilt and became sad and bedraggled beneath their constant fidgeting, rearranging and teasing. The floor is littered with flower petals and little leaves.

When it is 'time' the students line up, clutching their flowers, and are marched in front of a teacher. They kneel on the ground and bow in thanks to the teacher seated before them. i will admit to feeling a little weird at this point. Children bowing to me has not really been high on my list of things to experience. After the bowing is complete they hand you their flowers, stand up, and escape to their classrooms.

One by one, the students bow, present and scarper. Thank you Teacher! 

We are left with a gigantic heap of bouquets (a few of which i claimed as my own and adorned my flat with them), the ritual of group photos with fellow teachers and 3 cancelled classes. 

A good day. 

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