642 things to write about - What can happen in a second

- blink -

Nothing, really, can happen in a second, contrary to popular belief. Not even a single blink of the eye. A second, one second, is never an independent moment in time. Even a complete action that occurs within a second doesn't happen in a second. No. That single occurrence is tied to, and a result of what occurred within the preceding second, and that preceding second, in turn, is affected and channeled by it's own preceding second. And thus it continues into the infinities. Even a conception of new life depends on another's string of seconds

- blink -

Blink. An action that fits in the time frame of second, but is never alone... blink, ok! no more! drier still, drier, a little dry now, eyes are beginning to dry out, nope, still not, no need to blink, haven't blinked again, no need to blink, blink, ok! no more!.....

Nothing can happen in a second

Everything can happen in a second.

- blink -

A few years ago I received a book to help me write better, prompt stories, encourage practise and overcome writer's block. This is the first little 'story' from the book.


  1. Your creativity is a gift Miss Austen, it flows through you. Hope to see more stories.

    1. Thank you for your kind words. You will probably know as much as I do the struggles with being more creative..so I really do appreciate your encouragement :)