Every Friday I, unfortunately, have a class with only two students in. They are two 1st graders.
They can speak very little English and working through the day's lesson takes 15mins leaving me with 30mins of creative trickery to get them to continue learning the work without resulting in absolute rebellion - which happens if they realise that they are still doing classwork. (I don't blame them).

The most recent class I had with them, I had them name and colour in the animal cards in their books.
Julia, the other student in the class, and Chris are two very different children. Julia finds great pleasure in hugging my arm or stroking it, and Chris, Chris likes to karate kick the door closed and roar.

When it came to colouring in their pictures, Julia checked her colours with the colour printed versions on the previous page, making absolutely sure that hers matched up and Chris coloured the rabbit in rainbow stripes, the deer blue, the chicken black, the cat green and his tortoise had one red leg.

Then Julia picked two shades of green to colour her tortoise.. she starts to use the lighter shade and things are going well until Chris spots her choice of colour. Without a thought of his own colour choices he tells Julia off - She is using the incorrect shade of green!

To be honest, I admire Chris' freedom.
After we coloured in the animal cards, we had some free time. With his black crayon he scribbled a chicken looking shape and then added some legs. I added a beak, 'feet' and the comb. Then Chris coloured the open spaces with red and wrote a bunch of chicken related things in Korean. He left me with the image and now it's mine.

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