My mother's wardrobe

The thing about fashion is it repeats, what your mother/grandmother once wore is now considered 'cool'. So take a look in granny's wardrobe and see what you can do with it. If you don't have a grandmother, like me, make a plan.
I got introduced to a jewel of a second hand clothing store in Pretoria last week by friends, as we went to the shop i was amazed that they were so calm, i was so excited! anyways, that's not what i wanted to talk about. What i wanted to talk about was the following day...

 The following day we went to Joburg and had a look at some of the second hand 'digs' there. Basically, 'digs' are these large metal containers filled with second hand clothing and sorted out in different groups, skirts, dresses, jackets etc.

 These containers are on the street pavement and the 'owners' stand up there and shout, skirts 15, 15 15! (meaning R15) and you jostle and 'dig' (hence the term 'digs') for something that catches your eye. If you find something good, you hold it up against you and take a guess on if it will fit you and how it looks on you and if you are happy, buy it! i bought a skirt and a dress from these digs and i quite happy with both of them.

 This particular dress, my mother says, is the typical dress she wore when she was my age.

The trick to buying second hand things and old fashioned ones at that, is to know if you can make it 'work' for you or not. When you see it, it needs to say: "Austen, buy me! i'm great and i will look good and you and you can wear me with this and this and that." When you find something that shouts that to you, then you buy it.

Whenever i come home with a second hand, boring looking,old fashioned, outdated piece of clothing the reaction from my family has always been: "You bought that?!", but when i wear it, opinions are changed and it is liked and liked a lot and, that's the other trick. :)

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