All i have is words now

I have some sad news...

The day before my birthday celebration my camera got stolen
Right out of my car. Whoever it was took everything out of my camera bag, closed the bag, returned the bag to the car, locked my car door again and went on their merry way....
Leaving me all sad and alone without my precious, darling camera.... 
i will be honest and admit to crying about it
I can't make pictures anymore :( 
i keep having to stop myself when my brain starts thinking about shoots i want to do or if i see something that will 'make a good photograph' because i have NO camera anymore...

and it also means i can't put photographs on my blog anymore, which is terrible, as now i have to actually think of things to write, to tell everyone! I have to write and use no pictures... i liked to use pictures in my blogging cos it was just so much easier than drafting and publishing a well written, interesting and exciting post. 
All i have is words now. Now i have that song in my head..."It's only words and words are all i have, to take your breath away". I am busy saving up for a new camera, so in the meantime i will discover my 'blog voice' and type, type, type.
Stick around and read it :)
i guess i can draw pictures instead.

I have a camera fund collection tin, which i don't have a picture of because, well, you know why, and several people have been generous and kind enough to contribute to my tin. I am very grateful to them all, they are good people. :) With their assistance i am 1/5 of my way to having enough money to get a replacement for my camera. :) Like my mother said when i told her,"there are good people in the world" and i am glad to know a lot of them and to be considered their friend.


  1. Your words are as inspiring as your pictures, I enjoyed reading your blog as usual!

  2. Well I think your blog voice is pretty good! A fifth of the way already - in one week!! In no time at all you will have a new camera :-)

  3. Thank you :)
    i shall keep talking then :)