'That's my weakness now'

Love, love, love, love,
What did you do to me?
The things I never missed
Are the things I can’t resist.

Love, love, love, love,
Isn’t it plain to see
I just had a change of heart;
What can it be?

She’s got eyes of blue,
I never cared for eyes of blue,
But she’s got eyes of blue,
And that's my weakness now!

(That’s my weakness now, by Cliff Edwards, made famous by my Dad)

Never have I been a fan of boys with blonde hair. If he has blonde hair, then I don't look twice. (Sorry, blondies)

Blonde hair and blue eyes must be about the worst combination of physical features for male personages in my opinion. If he has blonde hair AND blue eyes then I don't even register that he exists…..HA!
Ok, they do exist, I’ll allow it, but I still don't like it.

I can live with blue eyes, but blonde hair! I say no!

Mother always laughs at me about this little (but fervid) notion of mine. She tells me a story about her never wanting blonde haired, blue eyed children. She got five of them, the little monsters.  Little blue eyed monsters.

BUT her point was this: watch out, you might just fall in love with a blonde boy…. And mothers are (usually) always right.

There I was, innocently avoiding responsibility, reality and various problems in my life, by taking a (very short) holiday in Cape Town, when I met a blonde boy; a clever, endearing, engaging, but very blonde boy. His enchanting smile and lively personality secured my interest at the word ‘go’.

 He is 4 years old.

At the sight of me; Adam, suddenly shy, scuttled into Granny’s bathroom. After some cajoling by Granny, he came out and informed me that he is an ostrich and his head was in the sand for a short while, please excuse him.

I, however, am an ostrich catcher! (I foiled any of his plans of girl avoidance for the next short while)

‘Have a look, lady; I can pick up a sponge with my toes!’ he says.
‘I can do that too, little blonde boy.’
I show him. ‘Look, I’ll put the sponge on your head with my toes.’

His face lights up with pure glee.

Such a simple little thing, but it won him over. See, ladies, it doesn't do to play ‘hard to get’. When you like a boy, don't be shy, let him know. Put a sponge on his head.

Once he realized that I was so obviously and irreversibly enamored with him, he began to give me instructions: ‘You, come outside with me and help me find shrimps. I am a flamingo and I need to eat some shrimps!’  Dutifully, I obliged.

Flamingos, balancing on one leg, ostriches, sponges, shrimps, swings, jungle gyms… we had a riveting, absorbing conversation. 

That was Tuesday, and I have thought about him every day since.

He’s got sweet blonde hair,
I never cared for sweet blonde hair,
But he’s got sweet blonde hair,
And that's my weakness now!

Please may I come again?

Did you know? It is a lesser known fact that in Fish Hoek, Cape Town, shrimps are found in trees.

Disclaimer: I still don't like blonde hair, unless you are a 4 year old Adam from Cape Town, South Africa

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  1. Loved the post. Especially the part about shrimps in trees lol. Signed,a blond boy.